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saturday. new york city mayor michael bloomberg announcing 5 1/2 million dollars in matching grants to some of the hardest hit businesses in new york city. arthel? >> keep the boosts coming. and thanks, anna. >> rick: investigators in western massachusetts are trying to figure out what led to a massive natural gas explosion that leveled a strip club and damaged more than 100 other buildings, including a day care center located right next door. the blast leaving a large hole in the ground, sending 18 people to the hospital, including several emergency responders, and police saying it could have been a lot worse, but they'd already evacuated part of the area after reports of a gas leak late last night and the explosion happened an hour later and the exact cause is now under investigation. >> the actor who played one of the most beloved television villains of all time passed away. larry hagman played jr ewing on the hit series dallas. he was 81 years old. and dominic di-natale, is live, and has fellow cast members and legions of fans, i'm one of them. >> reporter: and arguably the meanest man
in the northeast, as well. 46 right now in new york city and 56 in cleveland. there was a big talk about a possible nor'easter coming up this week across portions of the northeast. that would have been a big issue but take a look at travel forecast as we head into mid-week, a big travel time of the year, we're expecting nice weather along the eastern half of the country, worldwide sunshine, it looks good as we head through the mid-week. westbound more stormy weather if northern parts of the california and in oregon and washington. >> gregg: in new york for the thanksgiving day parade, looks like a really nice day on thursday. thanks very much. >> heather: what is your favorite part of the parade. >> gregg: i like it all. they are so great. different characters. it will be coming down sixth avenue. >> heather: we can go outside and watch it. >> new questions about business of selling marijuana. entrepreneurs are finding not everyone is on board. >> gregg: and christmas in egypt. a christians in egypt have a new leader. we have a video of the elaborate ceremony. >> heather: and weeks after super stor
900,000 of them are living in new jersey. more than 169,000 are in the dark in new york city. nearly 146,000 are waiting for power on long island new york. as the controversy mountsd over slow moving recovery efforts after super storm sandy, we are learning that janet napolitano is scheduled to travel new york city hard hit staten island tomorrow. she will meet with local and state officials and get a firsthand look at the response that is happening there. president obama will make his first visit to the area on thursday. white house says he will meet with storm victims and first responders. >> gregg: in other news with the election now behind us, thankfully, so many people, washington is getting ready to tackle the fiscal cliff, an economic mandate that could throw the economy into a tail spin unless democrats and republicans stop it all. house speaker john boehner wants a deal on spending cuts. president obama says that is not enough. >> if we're serious about reducing the deficit we have to combine cuts with revenue. >> joining us is jonathan strong. even if tax rates went up on t
in texas in the 70s. 56 in kansas city but in portions of the midwest, 30s and 39 in new york city. high temperatures for tomorrow very cold. minneapolis, 19 tomorrow. bundle up. >> gregg: don't want to be in minneapolis tomorrow. >> death toll in england three people have lost their lives in severe storms. more coming up. >> heather: also ahead, massive gas explosion. why the state fire marshall says human error played a role in the blast. >> nobody hit it big in the powerball drawing and wednesday's jackpot. how much you could potentially win, you'll be sitting on easy street. >> heather: or a beach somewhere. >> plus, charities hoping that americans will extend generosity this holiday season. no ways to give and rope. we'll break those down with you straight ahead. >> every charity is suffering because there is so much need and not enough dollars to go around. >> to be able to help other people because we thought we were hurt bad but other people are hurt bad. so it makes me feel good to help other people. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relie
, there has been very little signs of progress. now survivors in one of new york city's hardest hit areas are taking matters into their own hands. anna kooiman joins us from staten island. you're standing in front of a big pile of trash, it looks like, an anna, which is poem he's belongings. >> tons of trash. it might look like rubble to you and me, but it's the lives of people here. crushed behind me where one of six dumping stations here. we have been watching as the debris has been piling up for nearly two weeks. that nor'easter last week did stall some of the progress. but crews really have been making some headway. volunteer groups have filling the gap. they say the federal government has left behind. we've also seen makeshift donation centers popping up throughout the region. volunteers, they have been going door to door, helping residents and checking up on them. they've been sorting donated goods. they've been delivering supplies and even cleaning up. let's hear of the volunteers. >> my neighbors are hurting. how can you stay home and watch tv? >> they've been trying to help peopl >> newdevelopmentsfollowingfrom t hewreckageofsuperstormsandy. it'snotgettingeasyer. >> janet napolitano will head to new york city and get a look at the recovery efforts out there, particularly on hard hit staten island. as fema approves hundreds of millions of dollars in housing and other aid for storm victims. we're live in ocean side, new york. ainsley, you've been giving us a peek of how folks are coping. >> yes. people are putting their lives back together and they're ready to move forward. janet napolitano, we welcome you. everyone will tell you what they need. though want their power back on. this is one of the streets without power almost two weeks since sandy rolled through. look at this guy's house. all his belongings on the front lawn. thousands of dollars worth of sofas and chairs, speakers, shelves. their lives have been completely turned upside down. the man who lives here has friends helping, bringing out loads, putting them in the dumpster. everyone's impressed with how everyone's taking care of one another but the long island power authority, 86% of their customers lost power. they still hav
up in the new york city area with free gas and limit of 10 gallons per person. and new jersey governor with odd and even. residents with even will buy gas on even days. we have seen dozens of volunteers and organizing themselves via facebook and twitter and bringing their own tools and shovels and garbage bags and helping out fellow man. >> it is a toughuation. i hope they get the help they need fast. >> thank you very much. >> from hope and change to revenge? you heard the president's remarks and will the final days of the campaign go negative. many say the election is still about the economy. unemployment rises and what these numbers mean for tuesday . also our panel. juan williams and monica crowley will join us next. [ female announcer ] you can make macaroni & cheese without freshly-made pasta. you could also cut corners by making it without 100% real cheddar cheese. but wouldn't be stouffer's mac & cheese. just one of over 70 satisfying recipes for one from stouffer's. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyqu
a boost on this small business saturday. this morning, new york city mayor michael bloomberg announcing grants being made available for businesses most impacted by superstorm sandy. >> anna, live in babylon, new york, thanks so much. >> president morsi's stunning power grab stunning them across egypt as well today and john bolton and whether egypt could be slipping back into a dictatorship and what that means for stability in the rest of the region. >> and south of the vatican, who the pope has chosen to be part of a committee ultimately responsible for naming his successor, new cardinals ahead. >> heather: and the man behind one of the biggest television mysteries passed away. a look at the life and career of a man who made a name for himself playing jr ewing, on the hot show "dallas". >> jr. this is your style, my wife and the man who put cliff barnes in office. >> you were in plenty of trouble before you got married, i don't understand why you think she'd change. hey, wait a minute. >> stop! >> both of you! or i'll beat the hell out of you! st he to eat of your heart healthy diet. st
will not testify in libya hearingings next week. drivers in new york city and long island dealing with odd-even gas rationing. it has shortened the lines. but gas is running slow as supply term nools are at reduced capacity. marine corp is 230 years old today. the pentagon held a celebration. paneta was there. and army general martin dempsey and marine corp commandant. >> and justin bieber and selena gomez broke up last week because of distance and busy schedules 18 year old bieber was spotted in a victoria secret fashion show on wednesday. oh, bieber how you disappoint us. >> my daughter will be disappointed about that news. >> switching gears. days after reelection and talk of common ground with the gop to avoid the fiscal cliff. president obama isad odds with speaker boehner. am they be stuck in the same preelection grid lock. joining us is senior advisor to senator harry reed reed. and spokes man for boehner. welcome and glad to center you on board. start off with the situation with the president speaking out and saying as far as he is concerned wealthy americans will pay higher taxes and that
in parts of new york and new jersey are dealing with gas rationing. in new york city and on long island, odd-even rationing started just yesterday. the storm knocked out power to hundreds of gas stations resulting in long lines at the pump and over in new jersey, the governor is considering lifting the gas rationing now, a dozen counties have been under odd-even rationing for a week already. >> thousands of evacuees also in new jersey are calling a tent city home. something you wouldn't expect to see in our country. but the storm's victims as well as utility and rescue workers and military and volunteers even they are seeking shelter in the make ship neighborhoods and i don't have to tell you it's bitter cold and some are set up at a race track parking lot and evacuees complaining about sleeping in the cold tents, lack of bathroom facilities and limited shower areas, more than 100,000 people in new jersey are still without power and offered the government a prison for folks to move in with their families and all of this after sandy ripped up the shore. shore. >> and now to the ongoing b
owners in the new york city area may need a holiday spark. anna kooiman is live on babylon, long island and providing a spark, hello, anna. >> reporter: hello, everybody, and today is small business saturday and it's a difference this year because of super storm sandy, the northeast is reeling and the owner of rumors gift shop in long island says sandy couldn't have hit at a worst time. she depends on a percent many her sales the last through months of the year, but she's happy that her vendors are allowing her to delay payment. >> i was in tears, actually, over that, because i was a scared. i don't want to lose my credit, my good name, my good reputation so they're sticking by me. >> this business is like your child, isn't it? >> this is my other home. >> and well, from staten island to long island, local businesses are urging customers to give back to their local communities and help provide neighborhoods devastated by the storm. last year on small business saturday, an estimated 100 million people participated in the growing annual event. the economic impact of sandy has been estima
range and 12 billion in new york city alone and 20 billion. total from lost economic activity and cancelling flights and restaurants not serving meals and casinos not able to take beats. the u.s. small business administration is making loans and struggling after super storm sandy and trying to get their hands above water. and we have been on the ground. and get the family to help them get back on the feet as quickly as they can. >> and regardless of the hit, many siness owners have taken the super storm sandy. you will not believe it. they are taking a portion of the profits made on small business is and giving it back. >> a great gesture indeed. let's hope they get everyone out there. thank you, ana. >> black friday shoppers manage tod get one of the earlier starts ever with doorbuster dealos thursday. walmart and target and soars opened on thursday thanksgiving day. and stow if you decided to brave the crowds and go shopping on the holiday and if you did, was it it worth it >> tweet the answers and i plan to read those responses later in the hour. >> he created one much tele
. >> great to see you as well. we're hearing the city of new york condemned some 200 homes because of safety hazards and this group is trying to save as many houses as they can, working 18 hours a day and work through the nor east that are hit a week and a half ago, through the snow. some 500 volunteers, most of them veterans from the wars in iraq and afghanistan, are focusing on the rockaways portion of queens today. the veterans are using their military training to help bring order to the chaos, removing debris, muck, sand and mold from flooded out homes. they are also offering emotional support. >> the hardest part was when he started moving out mementos from my mother, pictures, her wedding gown, christening outfit i made for my daughter, knickknacks, cards from my mom. she lives in my heart, but i have nothing to remember. nothing left. >> as for the veterans, being part of a group and offering a themselves up for service fills a void many of them feel when they return from war. one team leader, kyle murphy, broke several ribs while volunteering last week and is now taking on a coordina
be persisting for not weeks but even months. new york city's economy could be suffering for quite some time. back to you. >> shannon: difficult situation. anna, thank you for the update. >> in the past three months, the obama administration has proposed thousands of new government regulations. how those could affect you, your family, job and business. we ask a guest from the national federation of independent business next. sometimes what we suffer from is bigger than we think ... like the flu. with aches, fever and chills- the flu's a really big deal. so why treat it like it's a little cold? there's something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies. prescription tamiflu attacks the flu virus at its source. so don't wait. call your doctor right away. tamiflu is prescription medicine for treating the flu in adults and children one year and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing. have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or sig
square in new york city. there are nearly 16,000 lottery retailers so it's hard to go far without running into one. 42 of 50 states sell them. manhattan as well as the rest of the country are decked out for the holiday season and shoppers walking around, many are buying tickets and dreaming about what they could buy if they hit it big. >> i'm not saying i would take the money and buy junk with it. i would do something for humanity. >> a lot of people need help so help myself and help others. >> we lost be anna. if you want the ticket get out before wednesday. the jackpot is expected to climb above $400 million. >>> tomorrow the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments that could change the way companies are held liability under harassment. it comes under the deaf nation of supervisor. we ever monday's case focuses on harassment by a catering polo mow -- employee working at ball state university. >> regulation overload in just the last 09 days, the obama administration has issued nearly 6,000 new proposed regulations. it could make you pay more for everything from gas to home heating. we'll
, the congress gantts themselves will have to raise the money. in new york, lauren green, fox news. >> heather: millions in israel and the gaza strip on edge right now. we've been following this developing story for you throughout the newscast as hamas rockets rained down on cities across israel for a fourth straight day. israel's iron dome defense system intercepts a rocket over tel aviv. now israel massing heavy artillery and tens of thousands of troops along the shared border. so what is the end game in this mounting conflict? k.t. mcfarland is a national security analyst and joins me now with a little more insight. so the first question i have for you, because as the story has developed today, we've heard about 75,000 reservists who have been put on notice. is a ground invasion -- how likely is that and what are the implications? >> we're not sure whether it's likely. i think israel has a very specific objective here. hamas on the gaza strip has 10,000 missiles. now, they have the ability to launch those all at once, or over a period of time or just a few every now and then. what they're d
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)